About The Chicago Metal Factory

The Chicago Metal Factory aka theCMF is a collective with the sole purpose of keeping people informed of heavy music events around Chicagoland.
We welcome everyone sending in the show information to info (@) theCMF.com Please include all the bands performing in ALL CAPS if possible, the date, the start time, the venue, the ages permitted of attendees and any additional information that you would think helpful.

In addition to www.theCMF.com
you can also find theCMF
on Facebook www.facebook.com/THECMF
on Twitter twitter.com/thecmf
and we also send out occasional
eNewsletters & special event eBlast’s
to our large targeted mailing list of area heavy music fans.
If you would like to be added to the mailing list please send a request to info (@) theCMF.com

Thanks for reading, please spread the word on theCMF.

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