Date(s) - Sun, August 26
8:00 pm

The Emporium Arcade Bar

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“ZAIUS are a four-piece from Chicago who specialize in anguished, instrumental post-metal in the style of groups like the Ocean and Mouth of the Architect – extended, crushing anthems that speak volumes without uttering a single syllable.” – Revolver Magazine
The quartet self-released two EP’s (2011’s ‘All Your Friends Are Dead’ and 2013’s ‘Divided By Tides’) before teaming up with Prosthetic Records to release their debut full length album in 2017. On ‘Of Adoration’, ZAIUS offer a glimpse into a musical world turned upside down. Featuring an array of sweeping landscapes, rhythmic thought patterns, and complex concepts ringing out with stunning, crystal clear beauty – this isn’t your average instrumental record. ‘Of Adoration’ is a 40-minute journey traversing genres while defying conventional time signatures. The instrumentation is thoughtful, challenging and without pause.

Much like Dylan, Springsteen and Waits, Chicago’s Americana metal outfit, Huntsmen, continue the long standing tradition of storytelling in their music. Huntsmen just do it with volume higher and more metallic grit.
‘American Scrap’ is available now on all digital platforms, compact disc, limited edition gold splatter LP and VHS.

Coyote Man
In 2002, we started jamming and cultivating music. We have gone by other band names in the past, some of you may remember us as Life Dos, What Once Was, or A Venue X. We have evolved and our transformation is now what we call Coyote Man! A Chicago instrumental band with some progressive flair.
In late January 2017, the debut album from this Chicago based instrumental/progressive rock trio. Weaving intricately among various soundscapes, songs such as “What Once Was” and “Demon Sun”-focused around visceral, riff based guitars – are the juggernaut at the core of this release. The tribal drum rhythms of “Majestic Vixens” build to a primal, spiritual frenzy, whereas the haunting keys/synths of “Murder Designer” take the overall feel of this album toward new horizons, all while maintaining a cohesive, graceful balance.

Pale Horseman
PALE HORSEMAN is a four piece sludge metal band hailing from the South suburbs of Chicago, Illinois -U.S.A.
The band blends depressing sludge heaviness, pummeling riffs, and dual vocals with an industrial vibe to draw the listener in with a misanthropic world view and lyrical themes influenced by apocalyptic and paranormal subject matters.
The quartet, which is comprised of vocalists/ guitarists Eric Ondo and Andre Almaraz, bassist Rich Cygan, and drummer Jason Schryver, was inspired by the works of legendary names such as GODFLESH, NEUROSIS, AUTOPSY, SLEEP, HOODED MENACE, ENTOMBED, OBITUARY, SEPULTURA, and THE MELVINS.
Since its formation in early 2012, the band has been performing continuously and has self-released 3 full length albums and one vinyl split EP.

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