Date(s) - Thu, August 9
8:30 pm

The Empty Bottle

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830PM // $12 // 21+

Spirit Adrift
Hailing from Mesa, Arizona, SPIRIT ADRIFT bring their soaring doom metal project to the forefront with their aggressive new LP, “Curse of Conception”. Taking cues on classic thrash and traditional metal, the four-headed gnarling squadron of Sabbathians create towering, crisp riffs with subtle Southern-inspired melodies shining through from vocalist, Nate Garrett. Featuring members of Gatecreeper (and some of their gear), SPIRIT ADRIFT has fully evolved into a fiery display of vintage sound that belies its creators’ years.

Driven by heavy, down-tuned guitar riffs and melodic vocal harmonies, Jess Ambriz and Jon Slusher bring you a haunting variation of doom and slow core, conveying darkness and light with heavy guitars and voice. Drummer Quinn Curren and bass player Alan Strathmann fill out this dystopian beauty that will have your ears ringing and your head humming.

Sanford Parker
Support tonight comes from the one and only SANFORD PARKER. These days, if it’s metal and recorded in Chicago, chances are SANFORD PARKER was at the mixing board. His own bands, MINSK and BURIED AT SEA are super killer as well. We’re honored to witness a master at this craft this evening. Pay close attention and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two.

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