Date(s) - Mon, August 20
8:30 pm

The Empty Bottle

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Free Monday: Montrose Man / Masonic Wave / These Beasts

830PM // FREE // 21+

Montrose Man
Headlining this thrasher of a night is none other than the gut-punching we-don’t-give-a-fuck-about-you MONTROSE MAN (Meg of BLEACH PARTY). This trio of hard-as-hell, post-everything punk rockers celebrated the release of their debut LP, Lazy Looker, last year with Glitter Creeps organizers, ABSOLUTELY NOT. We’re flickin’ stoked to have them back so we can party allllll night long until our ears bleed or the beer runs out. Whichever happens last.

Masonic Wave
MASONIC WAVE is a super new local group featuring members of MY COLD DEAD HAND, BLOODIEST/YAKUZA, SHERPA/SYBRIS, THE REPUTATION, and GALACTIC INMATE/RABID RABBIT, who also happen to bartend at your favorite West Town, Logan Square and Pilsen bars and venues. We had the pleasure of seeing their debut opening for Cherubs back here in November and we’re itchin for another. Please sirs, we want some more.

These Beasts
Pummeling sludge and deep doom like a giant cosmic hammer, THESE BEASTS pound through some of the heaviest grunge riffs of the decade for a truly vicious and primal performance. A three piece from Chicago consisting of Todd Fabian on bass/vocals, Keith Anderson on drums and Chris Roo on guitar/vocals, THESE BEATS just released their debut, Salvor, recorded by Mike Lust (Tight Phantomz, Lustre King) at Minbal. It’s massive, hypnotizing and will down right obliterate your insides. Get ready for a fucking beatdown.

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