I Hate Mondays: Sludge w/ XODRUM

Date(s) - Mon, October 14
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Prop Thtr


The Primordial Core.
Noxious hellfire.
Born in the ancient and evil Sewer Wastes of Nuwhaznesvar.

OCT 14 2019 8pm @PROP THTR $15

Out of the rubble, in the ruins of the shells of the city, a lone cowboy-priest whispers something under his breath.
“I Hate Mondays…”.
Yes. I HATE MONDAYS is back. This time to explore the concept of Sludge, Sludginesh, Sludgticty, and basically everything even remotely related to the concept of “Sludge” (including slime*). It’s going to be a very METAL show.
On Monday October 14th Steak Richardson (The Performer/Cowboy/Enfant Terrible) and the Hate/Lab performance team will bring you a night of raw and loud performance art. The night will consist of 4 short original plays written and performed by Hate/Lab, a performance by Electronic Black Metal duo XODRUM, plus a few surprise gags and guests. As always, it’s gonna be a big ordeal. We would love to see you there. ♥

*In fact, this is the ONLY show in the Chicagoland area with REAL BLACK SLIME! Come and see it come and see!

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